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“From the

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  Prosperity Intelligence

         Your Key to Becoming

          Exquisitely Rich!


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Dr. Ted Borgeas, DPM

This free brief chapter of excerpts is to give you some insight to the exciting infusion of Creativity and Innovation, in this book. It can ignite your Expectations to Manifesting Your Multiple Intelligences. Your comments would be appreciated. Ted Borgeas.

Perhaps, Ted in some small measure can contribute to you looking back on your life as one glorious adventure. One adventure after the other! With a few temporary setbacks, for good measure; so that in the end, as you reminisce you will be glad and thankful for being just you. 

The author and his publisher of this information, Ted Borgeas and Cameltrotters Publishing, have made their best efforts to provide a high-quality, informative book.  But Ted makes no representation or warranties of any kind with regard to the completeness or accuracy of the contents of this book. Nor does he claim to be an authority, have credentials or affiliated in any way with Institutions or entities associated with Howard Gardner's Theories of Multiple Intelligences. Nor any other entity or person’s theories!   

Furthermore, the contents of this book and all of Ted’s books, published materials and any audio/visual, television/radio and electronic productions are not to be construed as any type of Therapy or Counseling. Please click here for “Books by the Author, Ted Borgeas” This book is published for information only. It is not to be considered, in any way, as an alternate to your Physician’s and/or HealthCare Professional’s advice, counseling, therapy or suggestions. You are advised to consult your Doctor and/or HealthCare Professional.  All products and services named and/or logos and/or artwork appearing under any of his works, are copyrights of their respective owners.  None of these owners has authorize, sponsored, endorsed or approved this publication, or any other works by this author. 

Ted Borgeas and Cameltrotters Publishing accept no liability of any kind for any losses or damages caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly, from using the information contained in this book or any of his other books, published material, audio/video productions and electronic productions, in any manner of transmission. 

Some publicly accessible file archives have been utilized for screen shots of this book. Text and images available over the Internet are subject to their individual copyright owners and every effort is made to give credit to the originator (s). You are requested to bring any matter of concern to our attention. Ted Borgeas acknowledges he is a life member of AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Announcers) and complies with all rules, regulations and guidelines of that agency for his Television Productions and Electronic Media. 

Some artwork in this book is directly from publicly accessible file archives or purported public domain.  They are used as fair use to illustrate various points inside the book.  Text and images available over the Internet may be subject to copyright and other intellectual rights owned by third parties or other entities. Some transmission of text, photo and auditory material may not reproduce or reproduce in an irregular fashion over some Internet and wireless technology systems.


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Executing Strategy through manifesting an awareness of our Multiple Intelligences.

Implementing insight of our inherent Multiple Intelligences can be a short or long-term project that demands continual oversight and coordination to stay on track. Because you are the coordinator, director and project leader, you will have to utilize your past experiences and insights on developing management and initiatives to improving and nurturing the highest attributes and benefits from Manifesting Your Multiple Intelligences. We hope you find the theories and processes, a lot of fun and challenging?  

Multiple Intelligences:  Howard Gardner's Theory


This outline will be used to identify excerpts from my various writings, which I feel illustrate a relationship between the brief definitions of Multiple Intelligences. Each definition will illustrate, how we can diversely manifest and be introduced to our Multiple Intelligences.

 Disclaimer: Please consult with your librarian for publications and the Internet on the numerous articles on Multiple Intelligences by various authorities on the subject. Remember our application is to Self-Coaching, Life-Coaching and Business Intelligence Coaching and is not to be construed, in any manner as Therapy or Counseling. Please consult your Doctor and/or Healthcare Professional.

For your enlightenment and an abundance of informative articles, just type Multiple Intelligences into the Google Search Engine Box or any search engine of your choice.

How Many Intelligences?

Relating that "reason, intelligence, logic, knowledge are not synonymous" Howard Gardner (1983) introduced a new concept of intelligence that is rapidly being utilized in school curricula. In his Theory of Multiple Intelligences, Gardner shares his views on eight intelligences to include the following listed below with my brief definitions, also shared from others. Please refer to the Internet for considerable information on Multiple Intelligences. Gardner’s list includes:

1. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence,
2. Verbal-Linguistic-Intelligence,
3. Visual-Spatial Intelligence,
4. Musical Intelligence,
5. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence,
6. Interpersonal Intelligence,
7. Intrapersonal Intelligence,
8. Naturalist Intelligences.

With all due respect to interested parties on Gardner’s Theories, our interest and concern is not for the classroom but it’s application to daily living and individual situational awareness; for all ages.


Gardner defines intelligence as "the capacity to solve problems or to fashion products that are valued in one or more cultural settings" (Gardner & Hatch, 1989). The eight intelligences Gardner defines are:

1. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence--consists of the ability in problem solving or challenging situations, reason deductively and a logical thinker. This intelligence is most often associated with scientific and mathematical thinking.

2. Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence—involves being activated by the spoken word, Activated by writing one’s thoughts and having a mastery of language. This intelligence includes the ability to effectively control language to express oneself in reading. Particularly noticeable with public speakers. 

3. Visual-Spatial Intelligence--gives one the ability of mental imagery. One might say visualizing the solution, like a mind map, for end results. This intelligence is not limited to visual domains only but even to a blind person

4. Musical-Rhythmic Intelligence--encompasses the capability to recognize and compose musical pitches, tones, and rhythms. Music consists of melody, rhythm and harmony, in that order. With new technology, even a deaf person can develop remarkable musical talents.

5. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence--is the ability to use one's mental abilities to coordinate one's own bodily movements. Especially athletes and dancers have proved this intelligence, that mental and physical activity is definitely related. Even as related to health factors.

6. Interpersonal Intelligence--feelings and intentions of others. How a person interacts with others to accomplish a task

7. Intrapersonal Intelligence--the ability to understand one's own feelings and motivations. Self-realization and Self-actualization. Who am I?

8. Naturalist intelligence…………………………………………………………………
Keenly aware of surroundings and living things, sensitivity to features of the natural world.

“Although the intelligences are separated from each other, they very rarely operate separately and independently. Basically, each of the intelligences is used concurrently and typically complement each other as individuals develop skills or solve problems.” Howard Gardner

The inter-relationships of Intelligences

Gardner defines intelligence as "the capacity to solve problems or to fashion products that are valued in one or more cultural settings" (Gardner & Hatch, 1989)

Howard Gardner observed that just because the intelligences are anatomically separated from each other, they seldom operate independently. Basically, the intelligences are used concurrently and will usually complement each other as individuals develop skills, experiences and learn to solve problems.


A good example, can be related to a dancer who can excel in his or her art only if they have  A) strong musical intelligence to understand the rhythm, melody and harmony of the music, B) interpersonal intelligence to convey a transcending spirit to inspire and emotionally move his or her audience through the movements of attitude of body and mind. C) bodily-kinesthetic intelligence to provide the dancer with the automatic fluency, the agility and coordination to combine the esthetic and visual with the physical movements of dance.

Sometimes the Roads of Intelligences are Confusing?


Three Intelligences you shouldn’t forget

Prosperity Intelligence, Intuitive and Spiritual Intelligences are Ted Borgeas’ personal Theories on the intelligence additions. Please do not consider them part of Howard Gardner’s Theories on Multiple Intelligences.

Prosperity Intelligence: Ted’s Theories and applications.
Offers the practical application leading to what he identifies as being “Exquisitely Rich.”
Prosperity means to thrive, not only in finances but with family, friends, community and your spiritual growth

Intuitive Intelligence: Ted’s Theories and applications.
What is your gut feeling and intuition about the world of your consciousness and beyond?

Spiritual Intelligence: Ted’s Theories and applications.
The practical application of the theories of “Asking & Receiving.” and Spiritual Enlightenment. Yes love can be one of the greatest and rewarding spiritual intelligences.

Ted Borgeas, is an internationally recognized authority in the areas of Personal, Life and Business Development and Assessments, and has been a Professional Coach and Trainer in these fields for 35 years. He is sometimes whimsically referred to as "Gorgeous Borgeas."  This 73-year-old dynamo, continued his Coaching Field even while he was in private practice as a Podiatric Physician and Surgeon. Additionally Ted has had extensive expansive experiences as a Podiatric Consultant in a State Mental Hospital for 7 years and a Federal Prison for 15 years, He is an advocate of Howard Gardner’s Theories on Multiple Intelligences, because they are applicable and practical in all ramifications of Personal and Life Self-Coaching, including Career and Business transitional Coaching applications, at any age.

He makes no claims of being an authority on Gardner’s Theories of Multiple Intelligences or that of being a Therapist or Counselor. Please consult your Doctor and/or Healthcare Professional.

What about Howard Gardner’s Theories on Multiple Intelligences?

Some have considered variations of Multiple Intelligences for probably centuries under different topics, categories, titles, and even metaphysical, spiritual and physical classifications and interpretations.

Because it is ever expanding and increasing in applications, our concepts are based on Howard Gardner’s Theories on Multiple Intelligences and some of Ted’s own Theories.

How You Can Change Your Career & Mindset at any Age!

Are you laid off work?

 Have you been fired?

  Burned Out?


    Confused on Direction of your life?

     Beat Financially

      Health Setbacks

       Legal Frustrations?



A starter list…                            Now You…Celebrate the genius in you! Ted has listed just a few of his own to get you started. Don’t be concerned about even listing some negatives but try to keep the negatives on a separate sheet of paper.

Write a list of your dreams, aspirations, and accomplishments. Be “Passionately Curious”™   about them! Do it now!

Out of your list, regardless of how many experiences or expectations you have written. The first thing is to just take three experiences that come to your mind, at this particular moment.  Don't dwell on them; don't think much about it. Just select and circle the first three that come to your mind.  You can utilize the list on the left, which may help jog your memory regarding your own experiences. Now circle and highlight the one of your most concern to you from your list.

1.  Take this one experience; from your list of concerns or problems. Clearly state it. This main concern is most likely a recent profound experience, which may be good or bad. Obviously you selected it because it is currently on your mind.

  1. Briefly list all the information, which comes to your mind regarding that selected concern or problem. At this point you will reveal the emotions you are experiencing. These feelings may be positive, negative or a total void.
  1. Quickly list three solutions to that concern or problem. Don’t be alarmed if you can’t think of any solutions or even any thoughts. However it may help instead to again write down your feelings, such as fear, depression, anger, hate, envy etc.
  1. Close your eyes and for three minutes visualize, imagine or dream of a mountain, the ocean, a stream, lake or just nothing, just to get your mind off yourself. Is this difficult? In many cases it manifests with practice and rehearsing. You can do it.

5.   Now revert back to the problem or concern and see if you have a different perspective or at least one new concept. Nothing may happen at first but persevere and success is assured.

Thank you for sharing your time with me. Please feel free to send this material to your friends. Acknowledgement of the source is appreciated. Also recommending our website: would be appreciated.

Ted Borgeas, Author, 38 years Self-Coaching Yourself.
Helps people get insight on Life’s Transitions
E-mail: for free 20 minute introductory phone coaching session.
E-mail: Website:
Phone: 619-235-9393, PO Box, 3022, La Jolla, CA 92038-3022

Ted’s Fascination with Life & Adventures in Fun! So Can You!

That’s me! “I’m Multiphasic, I have Insatiable Interests, Unconditional Loves and Passionately Curious!” Ted Borgeas

About 35 years ago when Dr. Ted was first in practice a whimsical elderly patient made the comment "Doc I think you have a touch of delightful madness?"  Ted replied, "That's marvelous just think of the latitude that it gives me for my behavior?  If people think I'm nuts, I can just about act anyway I like!"  Her remark must have had a touch of reality because Ted's life has been one long fun adventure.  Of course with a few adversities thrown in for good measure.

Ted Borgeas is not your average Podiatrist; he's not your average Doctor, bagpipe player or a senior citizen.  Actually, he's not an average anything.  He's kind of a spectacular everything.  But he knows how to have fun, laugh and dance.

Creativity and innovation have always been the theme of his 72 years of what he calls his "delightful journey with creative Multiple Intelligences," and other Theories of Enlightenment.  He has never forgotten that it is these delightful multiphasic attributes, all these years that has given him the privilege of expanding in every phase of his life with an infusion of countless interests, loves and activities.  He volunteers his bagpipe playing for charity.  He produces and directs two of his own popular weekly television programs, viewed on Cox and Time Warner television, public access. He's an auctioneer, both professionally and for charity.

Ted has written 8 published popular best sellers on Three while revering from prostate cancer. His diversity, innovation and fascination with life are highlighted in his exciting writings. Which he attributes to his consensus of Howard Gardner’s Theories on Multiple Intelligences?  

1. “Passionately Curious” Manifesting Your Multiple Intelligence Through Self-Coaching! Expounds on Howard Gardner’s Theories on Multiple Intelligences, based on Ted’s applications to daily living and past experiences at any age. Ted does not claim to be an authority or have credentials on Gardner’s Theories, except as he believes in them and applies them to his concepts of Self-Coaching

2. "Anti-Aging and Longevity" compiles all the great formulas which not only contribute to invigorating and stimulating adventures in anti-aging and longevity, but the essence of love and endearment during our journey, on what Buckminister Fuller called " Spaceship Earth."

3 ."Outrageous at Any Age” Personal Coaching Yourself! Entices the reader to expand on their personal empowerment and enlightenment based on their experiences with Self-Coaching.

4. "Millionaire of Creativity" How YOU Can Become One…At Any Age! 
Delves into the exciting world of inventiveness of devising, fabricating and thinking in the mind, exploding your own human potentiality.

5. The "Love Virus" Why We Jump from Youthful Purpose to Mature Confusion!  Offers pleasant recipes for love based on the theory that love may just be a virus? Not about sex.  How we can stimulate, nurture and expand Love.

6. "Grieving...Heroism...Daring...Igniting Your Goodness Within!” in creativity, to cope with tragedy, chaos and illness. It was originally written for people with chronic and terminal conditions.  Ex-pounding the need for Heroism and Daring with an infusion of Laughter, Dance and Meditation.  Little did we know of its great application and contribution to human current tragedies, uncertainties and confusion in our daily lives?  

7. Real People Ain't Sweatin' "Creative Cooking" is a combination of what he calls his eclectic healthy eating habits, and those funny recipes given to him by his patients. For instance; fruit sandwiches, intoxicating purees and other titillating recipes from all over the world. Quick and easy! One of his TV viewers made the comment; “do you actually eat those unusual dishes?”  Of course, they are fantastic for your constitution and sanity.


8. “Prosperity Intelligence”, Your Key To Becoming, “Exquisitely Rich!”
Ted’s most current book,
Involves the application and inter-correlation of Howard Gardner’s Theories of Multiple Intelligences, at any age. Also, the addition of other theories including Intuitive Intelligence and Spiritual Intelligence.

Adding to his Self-Coaching experiences he is now learning to play jazz on his bagpipes. He is continuously magnificently Manifesting his Multiple Intelligences based on Howard Gardner’s Theories and having a roller-coaster of fun.  This gives him the continued opportunity to play in political functions, charities and parades.  He chuckles when he once ran in the Boston Marathon playing his bagpipes. 

His experiences as a Podiatric Consultant in a State Mental Hospital for seven years and at a Federal Prison for 15 years have contributed to his interesting readings and writings in some of his books on "Sherlock Holmes" Brilliant Deductions Watson!  Exploring the fascinating world of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, as related to Facial Genetics and Character Analysis. He also contributes his own perception of comparing Multiple Intelligences with Sherlock Holme’s masterful deductive powers.


Ted on the David Letterman Show 

He has always been excited and has tried to follow Einstein's premise, when Einstein was asked about his genius, he replied, "I have no particular outstanding talents,” but "I am Passionately Curious." It is this passion of curiosity for living that has contributed to one of his greatest and most endearing hobbies of collecting celebrity and non-celebrity shoes.  This is a part of his volunteer program for drug-rehab and school dropouts.  His collection ranges from President Lyndon Johnson, John McCain, Loretta Young, David Letterman, and Cher of about 200. Borgeas talks with the young people of all ages, showing the shoes and relating fascinating stories of success and turmoil with the people whom wore the shoes. How they can fit into the same shoes! 

Dr. Ted was on the Letterman show and had the privilege of sharing it with Carlie Simon one of his favorite personalities along with Hunter Thompson.  He was even supposed to go on with Sonny and Cher but was an extended guest instead, as David Letterman stated,

"Our kidnapped guest” ultimately appearing later.



Ted Borgeas

Ted can be viewed on weekly Time-Warner TV, Channel 19, every Tuesday at Prime Time 7PM and on Cox Television, San Diego, Channel 23, and in North County on Cox, Channel 18, every Wednesday, at 10 PM, Public Access.

A Peek at Ted Borgeas!                                                                                                                        

Maybe rebuilding your life is just a matter of Manifesting Your Multiple Intelligences?


Ted Borgeas was educated in a stinking leather factory where his chief extracurricular activity was being motivated to get out of it. His selling days started very young, when he would collect used clothing, papers and rags, wholesale and sell them retail, to “The Rag Man” on the horse drawn wagon.  Being a young entrepreneur, he also bought fish wholesale from the pushcart fish peddlers, initiating prime service home delivery at a retail price. His business flourished by referrals, compounding his personal esteem and integrity.  He often relates, “I’m still peddling, only now with computers, wireless, and a host of other techno-innovations. But never forgetting, his old selling philosophy, the only important factor is still PEOPLE!


Later, at Boston University and becoming a Podiatrist, he designed and patented a number of foot gadgets, many of which where never developed.  But being ”Passionately Curious”, he not only became a Foot Doctor, but with his foot in his mouth and being a good talker he became a radio talk-show host for 15 years, on his own program.


For a little more excitement he became a Podiatric Consultant at a State Mental Hospital for 7 years and at a Federal Prison for 15 years.  And, for good measure, when human temporary setbacks enter our lives, he showed how flexible and resilient we become, out of necessity; he became an auctioneer, for his own properties. Then to add more zip, a real estate broker because, he was fascinated with Real Estate and offering exceptional personalized services. To add a little flavor and drama he became the Producer-Director of his own television shows.


So what do his present activities consist of?  Mainly, all of the above! Proving that each of us can Manifest our Multiple Intelligences, at any age. These attributes are based on the theories of Howard Gardner at Harvard on Multiple Intelligences. No, Ted didn’t go to Harvard, his application was turned down years ago, but his son did! Forgot to mention, in between his marvelous visions of anticipations, he is Chairman of his “Magnificent Expectations, Board of Directors,” and the author of 8 books. All on


Ted can be viewed on weekly on Time-Warner TV, Channel 19, every Tuesday at 7 PM and on Cox Television, San Diego, Channel 23, in North County, Cox, Channel 18, every Wednesday, at 10 PM, Public Access.



  Copyright © 2003-3004  Ted Borgeas. All rights reserved

Ted Borgeas, Author, 38 years Self-Coaching Yourself.
Helps people get insight on Life’s Transitions
E-mail: for free 20 minute introductory phone coaching session.
E-mail: Website:
Phone: 619-235-9393, PO Box, 3022, La Jolla, CA 92038-3022

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