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"From the Chicken Coop" to

"Passionately Curious"

Manifesting Your Multiple Intelligences Through Self-Coaching!

Who’s Piping Your Tune in Life?

“Passionately Curious”

Manifesting Your Multiple Intelligences

Through Self-Coaching!

ISBN 0-9666110-0-4
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The interesting aspect of being “Passionately Curious” are the qualities and characteristics that have been placed on people who are “Passionately Curious”   For instance:

·        Curious people are resilient and interested in self-development and enlightenment.

·        Curious people are adaptable in understand relationships and actions of other people.

·        Curious people love nature and delve into its beauty, complexity and joy.

·        Curious people are intrigued by their body’s uniqueness and appreciate, that it is the only one we have.

·        Curious people enjoy music and extend the rhythm, melody and harmony as part of their celebration of living.

·        Curious people know how to focus and be committed to understanding the practical and logical aspects of life and empowerment.

·        Curious people are playful, humorous and even vocal about anything of interest, to convey and prevail on their thoughts and actions.

·        Curious people are original, expansive and intuitive.

·        Curious people can be uninhibited as dreamers and visionaries.

But aren’t we all “Passionately Curious”™ in varying degrees? Don't we all have these characteristics? Our mission is to develop them to the maximum, in our chosen areas of interest!

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Commentary on Self-Coaching

As a Podiatric Physician and Surgeon for over 35 years Dr. Ted Borgeas feels his life has been one exciting and fascinating adventure. His sentiments are from having the privilege in meeting a multitude of fascinating and exciting people, not only in his practice with interesting patients but with people from all walks of life. Having been a Podiatric Consultant for 15 years in the penal system, he was considered by the inmates as a non-intimidating and non-confrontational consulting member of the medical staff, because his specialty was feet. Of course, the feet belonged to remarkably fascinating and marvelous people. This allowed him to enjoy the inmates unique thought privileges and processes. Also making him acutely aware of the loss of potential and contribution of any human being.

This was subsequent to 7 years of experience as a Podiatric Consultant at a State Mental Hospital. Also being on the staff of a number of hospitals. His past studies and friendship with the late Drs. Eric Berne, Milton Erickson, Abe Ettelson and many others, have contributed to his personal expansive perceptions of people. This allowed for great latitude of flexibility and curiosity. Thus his theories of Self-Coaching evolved from this varied background.

He is a believer in Howard Gardner’s Theories of Multiple Intelligences because they had been inadvertently utilized to make his remarkable adventures in living applicable. One of his mentor’s, the late Dr. Leo Buscaglia had similar youthful school experiences of being immigrant’s children with foreign language and cultural diversities. The teachers and the system at that time being unaware of all students’ potential talents. 

It is his mission in hoping to instill within each us an  empowering approach to one’s expected results in life direction. He claims to be no authority on Gardner’s Theories of Multiple Intelligences or any other schools of thought. Except that he feels they are applicable, practical and realistic, in his application of Self-Coaching.  Also a qualified coach understands the limits and differences between Coaching, Counseling and Therapy. Please consult your Doctor and/or HealthCare Professional.

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Lovers of being “Passionately Curious”

As lovers, we love being curious, attitude transformation, laughter, love and writing about it. Analyzing trends and covering important issues about people who believe in entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation and our inherent curiosity.  We love sharing their thoughts and concepts on curiosity, attitudes, laughter and love. As a result, we can't imagine anybody living without the constant flow of being “Passionately Curious”™, with just about everything.  When we refer to curiosity, don't get it confused only with techno-innovation and Wall Street histrionics. We are referring to all aspects of curiosity such as in art, God, spiritual relationships, life, people, animals, nature and all the other wonderful things that we as humans have choices to relate to.

We can't fancy how the word and meaning of curiosity has become so distorted and confused only to often being related to drugs, alcohol and sex.  For their own obvious reasons the media, Hollywood, the Internet and an assortment of other influences have identified our inherent curiosity only with money and power. Although these are important considerations when kept in prospective.  What a pity that our thought processes and perceptions have become so disoriented, even diminishing our Passion for Curiosity.

When we read the statistics on aloneness, isolation and loneliness it appears that we should become critically aware of the importance of people to people and the stimulating our curiosity in the fascinating diversity found not only in the United States but also in every day world around us.

Fortunately more and more information is being written on the distortion of values between people, families, businesses, ethics and social interactions. This trend of technological advancements appears to be accelerating the feeling of individual isolationism. Rather than benefiting people as personal beneficiaries and recipients of these marvelous innovations affecting our daily lives.

While our scientists and high-tech entrepreneurs are developing and implementing all types of computer information technologies, the main element that's missing is that of combining, it with stimulating our curiosity for more human contact.  These advancements in themselves offer great challenges and opportunities in the future to find ways of using this technology to enhance people to people contact and continue to excite us in being “Passionately Curious”?

In the meantime we’ll take that wonderful feeling of being hugged by a live person to expand our “Warm Fuzzies” of our curious feelings!



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