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"From the Chicken Coop" to


           At Any Age!

Personal Coaching Yourself!

Just what is Coaching?

We are all coaches!

Think about your children, friends, and neighbors or about anybody who asks for your opinion, aren’t you really coaching? Of course you are! How about when you’re best friend calls you for guidance through a problem. We all act the part of coaches for others many times during the day.

The greatest obstacle to our own individual coaching is that of listening, we don't learn how to have a dialog with ourselves. Of course a professional coach listens and as all good coaches asks pertinent questions. One football coach informed his team that all he is doing is having a conversation with each member, especially since each member is only a part of one unit, committed, fulfilling and extending their human potential to the reality of the situations of the game. Today after many years, it still makes more sense to the concept of personal coaching, especially to ourselves.

Everyone can aspire to heroism. Heroes and heroines are not born. They willingly assume responsibilities and actions and pursue them regardless of what the implications may be.

He enlightened the team of the possibility of unforeseen circumstances and the responsibilities as a unit. Stressing the concept of our own thoughts, actions and perceptions that can result in anything we desire for our lives, careers and businesses. These principles are just as practical today for our own self-improvement as they have been since eternity.

What makes the best coaches the best?

Experience, Experience, Experience.

We hope to share methods, insight, and techniques on how to utilize your own experiences. Inspiring you for greater awareness, empowerment and enlightenment in self coaching yourself.

Being your own best coach. What are some of the benefits?

With all our high techno-innovations consuming all our time on the cell phones, the Internet and numerous other impersonal activities, coaching can be the greatest attribute to understanding yourself and relating to other human beings. Over these many years of following up on people Dad has coached and has taught self-coaching the results have been most gratifying. Most of the clients have expressed a higher degree of self-awareness, of balancing their lives in a better direction; have increased their self-enlightenment for new discoveries in a better direction of their lives. They stated they could express themselves with better communication skills and numerous other benefits.

Success requires your own Heroism and Daring!

"Heroism is a virtue or heroic action; it is devotion, brave sacrifice for a great and noble purpose. Heroism expresses an idea higher than commitment, although commitment could be called heroism when it is based on unselfishness combined with the performance of a great and painful duty."

M. Pierre Larousse

What are some of the benefits and questions you should ask yourself?

Maybe you want to improve relationships?

Possibly develop a different type of assertiveness!

Exposing the real you to yourself and the world!

Would you like to see more satisfaction and fulfillment in your job, profession or vocation?

Are you afraid to change the course of your life?

Will your result from your own coaching be satisfactory?

The list of benefits and questions can be as long as you personally desire. The end result is for you to improve making better decisions for yourself and enjoying the process.

Executives, housewives, retirees, students and just about any person one can imagine has benefited from coaching.

John D. was in a very successful mortgage brokerage business but was buried with decision-making, legal matters and multitude of delegations that he felt his life was at a breaking point. Through coaching he was able to realize the areas that could have been delegated, simplified, and most of all a level of awareness of his own unhappiness with his job. He developed a greater awareness of the lack of communication with his own family. Coaching put his life into a fantastic perspective.

Sara S. A housewife who has always wanted to write but never could find the time. Through coaching she was able to balance time to write the book she always dreamed of. This was in conjunction with juggling the family responsibilities of children's transportation and their multitude of activities. In addition to increasing her awareness of relationships to a beautiful level.

There are dozens and dozens of successful stories through coaching.

Self-coaching is no different than personal coaching. You have to have a specific time designated as an appointment with yourself. This can include a separate room at home, or as clients have stated, “their space.” It can be at a library, a park bench or just anywhere. It can be no different than having a professional coach spending a half-hour on the phone except this is with yourself. Having a set of questions in front of you can stimulate a greater insight. Some clients would take quotes from famous people on different subjects then use them to construct self-questions. The important aspect is to generate ideas for yourself, which can be utilized immediately. It is important that goals are short-term so that the rewards can be as immediate as possible. Don't dwell on negatives and don't stress small talk. Focus on the issue of importance to you. You don't have to write everything down but just a few lines to remind you of the important aspects and ideas that you receive from your self-conversation.

If you hire Dr. Ted as your personal coach there is a fee.. So out of necessity it behooves each of us to learn the concept of self-coaching. Professional personal coach fees may average two hundred to three hundred  per month for a one-half hour weekly session. An average cost may be a hundred and fifty dollars a month for a half-hour weekly sessions. These sessions are usually over the telephone or in person. If it is a group or an executive management program then these costs may vary on a higher scale. If it's by telephone the client pays the phone bill. As with any activity, coaching is most beneficial for people who are committed, dedicated and serious.

Remember coaching is not therapy or counseling. You must be willing to make life changes in incremental time schedules. Does it work? Is it for everybody? Of course not, just like anything else. If you need professional help consult your Doctor and/or Healthcare Professional. The opinions conveyed by this section are for coaching to contribute to your growth based on utilizing your own experiences, focusing on developing more direction for your life, rather than just results. This is not an easy task but it can be very rewarding and a lot of fun! Think of the alternative if you don’t try! Isn’t it time for you to upgrade your life?

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How do you choose a coach if you don’t need Professional Help?

Experience, Experience and more Experience.

With all the hype about coaching the only way you are going to change attitudes is by experience. The best coaches are people builders with experience and they must be real life experiences.

You’re own experiences offer opportunities for growth and being your own personal coach can help you optimize them. It is our intent for you to convert your own experiences into innovations for change, especially in times of traumatic events. Of course coaching is hopefully projecting avoidance and driven to respond to any of our multiple daily adventures.

A “What If” story about the power of dreaming. “When he was 15 years old, John Goddard made a list of all the things he wanted to do in life. That list contained 127 goals he hoped to achieve. It included such things as: explore the Nile, climb Mt. Everest, study primitive tribes in the Sudan, run a five minute mile, read the Bible from cover to cover, dive in a submarine. Continuing his list to play “Claire de Lune” on the piano, write a book, read the entire Encyclopedia Britannica, and circumnavigate the globe. He has reached 105 of his 127 goals and done many other exciting things.” Nido Qubien

Ask Dr. Ted about his experiences, adventures and fun in really living? How can they contribute EXPANDING YOUR POTENTIAL and Your Multiple Intelligences! 

For many years, like many others, we may never share our list of dreams of dreams, aspirations and visions we wanted to do during our lifetime. Many of us keep it sort of secret because people would always say; “You can’t do this or that!” After accomplishing even a few of your dreams it is easy to relate to them. Cherish your dreams.


A starter list… Now You…Celebrate the genius within you!

Write a list of your dreams and accomplishments

"Laughter, Dance, Meditation 
& Your Sanity"

  Awaken, explore, glimpse....  Playfulness is not about joking.  It is a matter for survival. Ignite your streams of Multiple Intelligences..

Ted Borgeas's delightful approach integrates, his seven-year is as podiatric consultant and state mental institution and his 12 years at a federal correctional institution.  His personal experiences with live patient drama and business for 40 years.  His infusion of enthusiasm engages the audience from inception through expansion.  We can all be taught how to remain creatively flexible and playful under stress.

Laughter, dance and meditation are learned experiences overcoming the competitive strategies in our volatile competitive market.  It combines the chemistry and immunological rewards by utilizing instance laughter, dance and meditative techniques.

Rapid and consistent changes require flexibility and adaptability by developing a different perception of yourself and a lighthearted approach to your problems. Stress, risk and confusion are always part of our delightful madness in business.  You can learn instant how to laugh, dance and yes even meditate your self into a different state an attitude.

Dr. Ted speaks from experience with his multi streams and avenues of diversity which he has used in helping his patients, clients, students and audiences cope with our current illogical changes, risks and stresses confronting us daily.

His greatest creative challenge was curing his cancer and infusing an expanded dimension of his personal self responsibility along with his fantastic doctors their staff and therapies.  His aspirations to fulfilling his 103 year actuary, as his great-grandmother did, he feels based only on an individual's perception.  Ted can change your perceptions too!  

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