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ISBN: 0-9666110-2-0

Library of Congress control number: 00-192249

"From the Chicken Coop" to

Millionaire of Creativity

How You Can Become One...

At Any Age!

This book will Awaken, explore, glimpse...The Inherent Heroism, Daring and Creativity within you!

Dr. Ted's infusion of enthusiasm engages you from inception through expansion  into a different awareness and dimension, with each chapter. We can all be taught how to incite our own innovation and inventiveness.

Creativity, innovation and inventiveness require flexibility  and adaptability developing a different perception of yourself and an empowering  approach to your expected solutions and resolution to  problems. Tragedy, stress, risk and confusion are presently a part of the seemingly overt madness in the world and business.

Creativity, A Lot of Heroism & A Bunch of Daring is not about joking...It's Our Sanity!

It's Showing your passion for Resiliency and Flexibility.

This dynamic book offers you an expanded dimension of  personal creativity and self-responsibility.

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A few points of interest from the book.

Creativity Is Delightful, A Passion For Creativity Is Even Better, & Creativity With A Driving Passion Can't Be Beat!

If you believe and want our session today to make a difference in your life through creativity, then you have to make 3 vital decisions this moment!

1. The decision in that you have inherent creativity.

2. The decision that you can develop and improve your creativity.

And the most critical decision of all of the three:

3. You have the privilege of choosing to be creative, innovative, inventive and expanding your mind by choice.

Before we even start I want you to dispel your present concept of what creativity really is?

Webster defines creativity and very simple terms, "artistic or intellectual in inventiveness." 

He further defines invent; "to think up; devise or fabricate in the mind."

The interesting aspect of creativity is the qualities that have been placed on creative people.  For instance:

1.   Creative people are resilient and adaptable.

2.      Creative people are focused and committed.

3.      Creative people are playful and humorous.

4.   Creative people are original.

But don't we all have these characteristics? The idea is to develop them to their maximum!

Why do we need become more creative, innovative and inventive?

“As the targeting gets better, more pervasive and more accepted, the tension between corporate power and individual well-being will evaporate into a mind-numbing passivity. Now that’s progress.” Thomas Goetz, The Industry Standard, May 21, 2001

Creativity essential for…




Stress reduction…

Life direction…


But then don’t we all need these benefits?

The myths of creativity;

1. Aristotle: "we all have a touch of madness."

2. Drugs, alcohol and psychedelics.

3.  You have to be artistic, as defined by Webster but he adds intellectual inventiveness as well.

4.  Homosexuality, Lesbians and Creativity.

5. Creativity mandates great skill, knowledge and intelligence.

Perceived obstacles, which interfere with your transitional changes, that would enhance your empowerment and expand your creativity, are always present. Altering our perception is the key to better understanding our powers of innovation.

Lanye Longfellow explains the process. “Moments of change come with moments of readiness. The moment of readiness comes when the discomfort of the status quo exceeds the discomfort of the fear of change.”


1.  Fear.

  2. Conformity and Acceptance.

  3.  Striving for recognition and internal conflicts.

4.  Conflict isn't always negative!  Rocking the boat can be stimulating!

You don't need a Ph.D.; any type of Doctorate or super intellectual powers for creativity. You already have them but most of us don’t know they exist.

 Labels, labels and more labels.  All our lives we have been hearing different labels placed on ourselves, on races, nationalities, religions and the host of other restrictive diversity innuendoes. We even inadvertently place some bad labels on ourselves.

I dare each of you during the time of our sessions here to commit yourself into taking your own responsibility for expanding your creativity.  Try forgetting all of your preconceived ideas.

Attitude! Attitude and Attitude!

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