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The "Love  Virus" Whey We Jump From Youthful Purpose

To Mature Confusion!

ISBN: 0-9666110-3-9

Library of Congress: 00-090464

"Love Virus" The Empowering Book for All Ages! About Love, not Sex! The "Love Virus" Why We Jump From Youthful Purpose To Mature Confusion!
In introducing the author, it may not be necessary to say more than here is Dr. Ted Borgeas, but there is so much more to this man that I must tell you a few things about him.

1. He is a motivator not only in his speeches, his books, television and businesses but in his daily life as well.

2. He is a teacher, lecturer and popular speaker who finds joy in other people's successes as he does his own.

3. He is flight pilot and auctioneer.

4. He's the author of 6 fast selling books on

5. He's a Doctor, a Podiatrist for 40 years, who's here to share 40 years of real life drama of love, as shared by his patients.

He is a big man with a big heart and spirit sharing his book on our passion for excellence in understanding our own heroism and daring in being infected with a delightful "Love Virus."

What makes this book intriguing? Let's look at some of the contents:

!. What is Love? Love the Universal Language. Is Love really a Virus?

2. The "Love Virus" Theory.

3. The Chemistry of Love.

4. Love Virus, Laughter & Our Immune System.

5. Can We Measure Love? Kirlian Photography.

6. The Love Virus & Aloneness.

7. People, Aloneness & Technology.

8. Love and Celibacy.

9. A Love Formula.

10. Love Virus & Happiness
and many more chapters of enlightenment and empowerment into Love. Appx.100 pages.

  What is Love?

When I went to look up the definition for love, it appeared as if the word love has basically the same universal meaning throughout the entire world.  However there are many variations, perceptions, and attitudes towards love. The cultural, social, religious, ethnic and other diverse interpretations of love may depend on the country or even community. Here are just a few from throughout the world. With our diverse population presently here in the United States, we will see many changes in the future.

 Don’t the Synonyms and Antonyms illustrate a more likely description of the wonderful world in diversity of human relationships? These are a few brief definitions taken from the following page as illustrated in different languages.

1. Attachment: bond, love, friendship, tenderness, and esteem. But as an antonym to some it may mean alienation, enmity, possession and confiscation, possibly even as personal property!

2.  Fondness:  affection, concern, kindness, devotion, and regards. As an antonym it could relate to aversion, antipathy, opposition and even to some, confinement!

3. Affection: friendship, goodwill, solicitude and loves. To some people the antonym is unkindness, aversion, antipathy and other distortions.

  4. Sympathy: compassion, harmony, tenderness, and affection. Strange how some people misconstrue sympathy as a sign of weakness! The antonyms contain words just the opposite: dislike unkindness, discord.

5 Partiality: liking, inclination, preference, one-sidedness and favoritism. The antonyms, honor, fairness, equality, justice, to some are meaningless words.

6.Adore: love, praise, honor, and worship, reverence. Antonyms could mean hate, despise, mock.

Notice the common ingredient that all these definitions seemed to have? Depending on one’s perception, there are different inferences to be interpreted.

Dr. Leo Buscaglia may have had a more accurate definition: " To fall in love, I do not believe that one falls in or out of love. One grows in love."

While the definitions of each of these words may be the same in the dictionary, different cultures may have different understandings of synonyms and antonyms. It is based on one’s perception. We have the unique ability of individually taking each word and distorting and confusing the meaning.  Isn't this true with some of our relationships?

Over the years I have asked patients and groups, their definitions of love. It is truly amazing the variety of interpretations that can evolve. Children especially have the most amusing answers.

This is why the journey into love is so fascinating.

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The chemistry of love!




Ever wonder why we have those funny feelings of rapture, excitement, contentment, passion and all those other delightful emotions that come with love? We have often heard the statement; "It's the chemistry!" You know it may just be the right chemistry!

Anthropologist Helen Fisher feels that romantic love started when humans commenced walking on their own two feet. Or, was it when we started noting physical characteristics of a potential mate.  Primitive humans stayed together long enough to rear children, which appeared to culminate in four years of marriage.

One wonders with the high divorce rate if we ever got out of that stage. Her studies of 62 cultures indicated the average rate of divorce peaks after 4 years of marriage. I had a patient, relate in confidence that after 4 years; “he gets tired of any relationship.” Just think of the model this type of thinking exhibits for a young person.

Fisher feels that there are biological changes, and for those who have been in love, there most definitely is a change in chemistry.  A person in love may experience flushed skin, heavy breathing, sweaty hands and a host of other wonderful tantalizing experiences. Isn't this part of the marvelous journey into love?

Fisher feels this is due to a rush of dopamine, norepinephrine and other chemical changes. She also states that the body may build up a tolerance to these chemicals in order to revive the same sensations and feelings. “Is this the reason why love may fade? People who spring from one relationship to another may crave the intoxication of falling in love and thus the term ‘Attraction junkies.’ " 

Conversely, just think of the long-term and enduring marriages that persist for a lifetime? It's nice to think that Fisher feels the continued presence of the long-term partner is what stimulates the chemicals such as endophins, which are the soothing substances, and natural pain reduces.  She also relates that there are other chemicals that appeared to produce various body responses conducive to physical love, such as cuddling and muscle contractions and even orgasms.

Wouldn't it be interesting if somebody came up with the theory that maybe, there could be love viruses attached to these chemicals? Certainly we know there is a relationship between the Mind-Body concept of health and illness or is it just our imagination? 

A different type of chemistry!

Ever drifting down the stream
Lingering in the golden gleam
Life what is it but a dream?
Lewis Carroll

Why not create your own dream?       

I have had a number of patients over the years that appeared totally incompatible, yet they remained together for years and years. They seem to be reasonably comfortable and accept the other person’s apparent and overt behavior patterns and actions.  My staff and I would wonder, how or why in the world, do they stay together?

One authority stated people who love each other intimately and who basically are not out to impress others with there so called "catch" have a tendency to overlook those portions of the mates natural changes that take place over the years. Changes such as looks, weight, physical ailments, career setbacks and a host of the other alterations in our lives. It's interesting to note that personality and character do not change. Pleasant memories of what they have been giving each other, such as children, comfort, pleasures and companionship, overcome what their mate's looks and status has been.

Another authority had made the statement  "I feel marriages and caring relationships are made in neurotic heaven."  The general feeling was that just because there is a neurotic element in most of us, so what if we have somebody who is comfortable feeding that neurosis? There is no way we can determine or understand anybody else’s feelings about love. With so many variations and ideas regarding a definition of love, who cares if happy people are those loving needs fit well together.

A brief classification for different responses to relationships from different kinds of lovers!  Again I don't like labels but try picturing yourself in a class of your own uniqueness.

Look at as a fun experiment!  Which class of lover do you fall under, if any

Men and women basically respond in equal percent to each of these classes.

A fleeting chance. Who wants to be tied down, initially is fine but will always find fault to leave.

First-timer. The first little experience rushes into romance, before evaluating the partner.

Soul saver. The self-sacrificing person committing to protecting the partner.

Necessity charmer. Supplies all the basic needs except, telling and sharing of love.

Macho. He or she is the greatest, at first!  Soon becomes calloused and indifferent.

Cool. Always feeling helpless and needing dependence on a strong partner.

Because. All my problems are due to you! 

Gratitude. I'll do everything for you and I ask nothing in return.

Hippie. I'm just different, the system is wrong!

Hotshot and Sensitive. Strong willed and weak at the same time, joyful and then unhappy, then you never know where you stand.
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ISBN: 0-9666110-3-9
Library of Congress control number: 00-090464

The 'Love Virus" 
Why we Jump from Youthful Purpose...
To Mature Confusion!

"Laughter, dance, meditation and your sanity"

Awaken, explore, glimpse.... Playfulness is not about joking. It is a matter for survival.

Ted Borgeas's delightful approach integrates, his seven-year is as podiatric consultant at a state mental institution and his 12 years at a federal correctional institution. His personal experiences with live patient drama and business for 40 years. His infusion of enthusiasm engages the audience from inception through expansion. We can all be taught how to remain creatively flexible and playful under stress.

Laughter, dance and meditation are learned experiences overcoming the competitive strategies in our volatile competitive market. It combines the chemistry and immunological rewards by utilizing instance laughter, dance and meditative techniques.

Rapid and consistent changes require flexibility and adaptability by developing a different perception of yourself and a lighthearted approach to your problems. Stress, risk and confusion are always part of our delightful madness in our daily living and business. You can learn instant how to laugh, dance and yes even meditate yourself into a different state an attitude.

Dr. Ted speaks from experience with his multi streams and avenues of diversity which he has used in helping his patients, clients, students and audiences cope with our current illogical changes, risks and stresses confronting us daily.

His greatest creative challenge was curing his cancer and infusing an expanded dimension of his personal self responsibility along with his fantastic doctors their staff and therapies. His aspirations are to instill these incredible concepts of love and living into the readers individual's self perception for an awareness of love. Ted can change your perceptions of the Love Virus too! 

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