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"From the Chicken Coop" to


Igniting Your Goodness Within!

"Laughter, dance, meditation and your sanity"

Awaken, explore, glimpse....  Playfulness is not about joking.  It is a matter for survival.

Ted Borgeas's delightful approach integrates, his seven-years as podiatric consultant at a State Mental Institution and his 12 years at a Federal Correctional Institution.  His personal experiences with live patient drama and business for 40 years.  His infusion of enthusiasm engages the audience from inception through expansion.  We can all be taught how to remain creatively flexible and playful under stress.

Laughter, dance and meditation are learned experiences overcoming the competitive strategies in our volatile competitive market.  It combines the chemistry and immunological rewards by utilizing instance laughter, dance and meditative techniques.

Rapid and consistent changes require flexibility and adaptability by developing a different perception of yourself and a lighthearted approach to your problems. Stress, risk and confusion are always part of our delightful madness in business.  You can learn instant how to laugh, dance and yes even meditate your self into a different state an attitude.

Dr. Ted speaks from experience with his multi streams and avenues of diversity which he has used in helping his patients, clients, students and audiences cope with our current illogical changes, risks and stresses confronting us daily.

His greatest creative challenge was curing his cancer and infusing an expanded dimension of his personal self responsibility along with his fantastic doctors their staff and therapies.  His aspirations to fulfilling his 103 year actuary, as his great-grandmother did, he feels based only on an individual's perception.  Ted can change your perceptions too!

Empathy in Grieving, A Lot of Heroism & A Bunch of Daring are not about joking...
It's Our Sanity!

It's showing our great American Excellence in our passion for Creativity, Flexibility & Resilience.

Our greatest challenge is overcoming the monumental fears that presently confront us as Americans when terrorists try to break our indomitable American Spirit of our Love for Liberty and Freedom .We will not let that happen! Heroism and Daring is within each of us Americans.

Try these tension and stress breakers for 5 minutes each.
1. Smile & Laugh...How can anybody in anguish laugh? Fake it! Smile to yourself and do a Santa Clause.
HO! HO! HO! Laugh. Even to yourself. It helps your breathing and immune system.

2. Dance...Yes, it gets your body moving. Play any lively music and get up and dance. Even visualizing yourself dancing helps.

3. Meditative Moments...Close your eyes, envision your loved one smiling at you, at a happy event or a moment at any time.

Creativity and innovation...In a time of anguish are needed...It's a matter of our survival.

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Taking the next step in ways of responding to

Grief, Loss, Heroism and Daring.

Everyone is unique.

From that great initial first moment, each of us, as humans have our own very special qualities.  This is what makes each of us individually so unique.  We should celebrate our uniqueness!

Finding what our special attributes is one thing.  How to get the information you need to finding you is another matter?  That is our mission to you!

Grief is defined as intense emotional suffering caused by loss, disaster, or misfortune.  Grief and Loss can be all encompassing, physiological, emotional, psychological, spiritually with numerous ramifications we human have a complexity of reactions and responses.  At a time of anguish, suffering and pain, how can our reactions be aided, directed and the immense discomfort eased? Where are the answers to the crucial questions? Each of asks? Why pain?  Why suffering?  Why death?  What is life?  These are questions we ask in a quest for purpose and meaning in life. It is our hope that this book may help in your enlightenment, empowerment and understanding.

“It is dangerous to abandon one’s self to the luxury of grief; it deprives one of courage and even of the wish for recovery.” Henri Frederic Amiel

“We must face grief without any expectation of miraculous healing, but with the knowledge that if we are courageous and resolute, we can live as our loved one would wish us to live, not empty, morose, self-centered, and self-pitying, but as brave and undismayed servant of the greater life.” Joshua Liebman

Heroism, the qualities and actions of a hero or heroine; bravery, nobility, and valor is actualized by each of us in our everyday experiences. Many of our Heroic and Daring actions are not often thought of during our daily routines. Sometimes heroism is by choice or by necessity.  Especially when we try to maintain our sanity in times of grief and loss.  From the most common and ordinary situations to the extraordinary we as humans have the potentiality to accomplish heroic deeds.  This is exhibited by actions from people of all walks of life, living and dead who have accomplished heroic transcendence. There are numerous forms of heroism and heroic actions performed daily by the multitude unknown, unrecognized and possibly unappreciated heroes and heroines.  Celebrate your own heroism.

"Heroic virtues such as magnanimity, courage, unselfishness can be found either in an illiterate individual or in a scholar, as long as there is a sensitive and cultivated heart."  Vassiliki A. Lanara

"As long as we suffer we remain psychologically alive.  In fact we mature in suffering, grow because of it-it makes us richer and stronger." Viktor Frankl

Daring encompasses our uniqueness to have enough courage or audacity for some act, to be fearless.  Daring exposes us to risk and vulnerability.  Being vulnerable to our feelings and emotions is uniqueness only we humans can express.  To dare is not only a matter of extending ourselves to extreme limits for entertainment, sporting competition or experiences.  It is our ability to cope with some of the mundane to the extreme daily adversities, challenges, suffering, pain and complexities, which confront us. Some situations do demand our extreme limits of human responsiveness and commitment.  Demanding our unprecedented ability for resilience and flexibility. This is the journey of daring we must take daily for our survival.

Don’t let technology detract from your humanity!

"Our technological society has the effect of leaving man bear of ideals and values, of symbols, in an antiseptic, value neutral world."  Maxine Green

“An eight-your-old boy told Walt Disney that he'd heard Disney was one of the wisest man in the world.  The boy then asked Disney what he needed to do to be like him when he was adult.

Disney replied that he was certain he wasn't one of the world's wisest men, but he did have four words of advice.  He told the youth that if he followed these four steps, he would have the opportunity to be wise when he grew up:

The first step is to think.  Think about the values and principles that guide you in your business and personal life.

Second, believe.  Believe in yourself.

Then dream.  Dream about something you want to do.

Finally, dare.  Dare to make your dream our reality.”

Mike Vance, Creative Thinking.

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