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Real People Ain't Sweatin' Creative Cooking

"From the Chicken Coop"™ to

"Creative Cooking" Real People Ain't Sweatin'! The ultimate "quickie" gourmet cook book for Singles, Seniors & Couples On The Go!

Ted Borgeas is the ultimate in empathic cooking, a lot of heroism in delightful ingredient combinations and a bunch of daring in herbal creativity and innovative cooking!

If your Single, A Senior or A Couple with limited time or alone, it just ain't much fun spending all your time cooking. Especially if you like to eat! Ted has been through all these transitions.

Ted Borgeas knows what it's like to be cooking when your happily married, beautiful children, marvelous family gatherings, incredible friends and neighbor dinners. Yes he loved this wonderful era in his life.

But then comes the time for flexibility, resilience and a touch of humor in your world of madness! Your world becomes a nightmare of diversity of confusion. You become a statistic of divorce, a single parent, an emotional yo yo, a financial Dow Jones rollercoaster and a host of other human, out of sanity journeys.

This is when you become a real fast cook, but Ted was always a health guru so you learn to incorporate taste, nourishment and save on waste. Especially if you have youngsters to feed.

This is not an ordinary fast cook book. It is a rapid journey to satisfying your palate, pocketbook and your emotional stomach gourmet.


Just what is a Processed Food...

A food that has undergone one or more procedures that change it from its natural state.  This includes foods such as milk, ice cream, canned goods, frozen food, butchered meats, etc.  The list is endless.

This brief list is to give you an idea of what goes into processed foods, but please don’t dwell on it as there are many other factors involved in maintaining good health such as, attitude, exercise, habits and genetics.  Many people live a long productive, happy and healthy life in our modern society, so keep enjoying life.

·        Anti-caking agents - absorb moisture so foods won’t cake or lump

·        Anti-oxidants - delay or prevent foods from becoming rancid or changing color, taste and appearance

·        Colors - to intensify, impart or make foods look appealing

·        Emulsifiers - keep foods mixed together so they won’t separate in layers

·        Flavorings - are used to increase , alter or restore flavors, some even mask unpleasant flavors

·        Leavening agents - bleaching agents, dough conditioners, all used in baking

·        Nutrients - Vitamins and other to make up for what was lost in processing

·        Preservatives - prevent spoilage

·        Stabilizers - thickeners, texturizers keep body of foods mixed well

·        Sweeteners - nutritive and non nutritive, keep taste, aroma, metabolize and reduce calories

·        Additives - just a small list used daily:  mannitol, sorbital, saccharin, BHA, BHT, sodium nitrate, caffeine, sodium ascorbate

(Make your own and save!)


·        1 glass bottle - less than 1 pint (I like wide mouths to experiment, later a tall fancy bottle with visible herbs)

·        White distilled vinegar or apple cider vinegar

·        2 - 3 sprigs of herbs bruised, crushed or chopped (fresh is better than dried

1.     Boil vinegar, pour back into bottle of choice over the herbs.  Herbs, if powdered or dry may be put in cheesecloth bag to reduce sediment or strained later.


2.     Shake gently 6 times daily.


3.     In 1 - 2 weeks taste test and then strain.  Not bad if used right away, but better if left to set.


4.     Experiment first before using fancy bottles




·        1 pint white vinegar (distilled)

·        2 cups fresh mashed or frozen fruit such as strawberries, raspberries, (lemons or oranges - cut into 1/4” - 1/2” strips)

·        3 tablespoons honey or maple syrup

1.     Bring vinegar to boil, add fruit, let cool and then strain.  Some prefer allowing fruit to remain for 1 week, gently shaking daily and then straining.  I like to keep this fruit vinegar in the refrigerator, but it’s not mandatory.

Other variations:  garlic, cranberry, mustard seed, thyme, coriander, chili pepper, use your imagination.  Incidentally, you can try these flavors with olive oil, but don’t boil the oil as we did the vinegar.

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·        1 or 2 medium potatoes

·        1 tablespoon garlic powder

·        2 tablespoons olive oil


1.     Slice potatoes 1/4” thin.  Lay flat on aluminum foil in pan


2.     Sprinkle with garlic powder and olive oil


3.     Broil until brown


This same method may be used for:  zucchini (sliced length or crosswise 1/4”), onions, peppers (any type, quartered), carrots, apples, pears

Variation of toppings:

Sprinkle with onion powder, parmesan cheese, oregano, sweet basil, curry powder or any creation you can come up with.  Delicious as side dish with yogurt topped with toasted sesame seeds or toasted wheat germ. 






·        1 cup shredded or diced parmesan cheese (or any cheese)

·        1 tablespoon olive oil

·        11/2 tablespoon all purpose flour (wheat germ may be used)


1.     Mix all ingredients together


2.     Drop by tablespoon sized scoops 2 inches apart on aluminum foil


3.     Bake or broil



Save any loose olive oil, flavorings, juices or sauces.  Don’t waste this nourishment.  Sprinkle wheat germ to absorb and mix with the dish, or use any sliced bread by dipping on one side to absorb, then toast.  Makes great seasoned toasted bread.  If a hard bread is desired, bake in oven until brown.



·        1 package feta cheese sliced 1/4” thick

·        3 tablespoons olive oil

·        3 tablespoons lemon juice

·        Oregano, basil or marjoram as desired

1.     Lay on aluminum foil


2.     Sprinkle with desired herb of choice


3.     Broil



You may substitute any cheese or tofu for a delicious variation.

Don’t forget to dunk your favorite bread into this juice.

2 tablespoons of any of the flavored syrups or sherry wine (dry or sweet) may be used to enhance the flavor.


Yogurt Creamy Spread  (Great substitute for cream cheese)

1. One container of yogurt, about 16 ounces, any type you prefer, plain or flavored  

2. Line cheesecloth in a small bowl

3. Pour yogurt into the cheesecloth lined bowl, then tie the cheesecloth into a tight bag. Hang from refrigerator shelf, with a dish or pan under it to catch dripping.

4. After 2-3 days it should be firm enough to scoop out of bag like cream cheese.

5. You may store after rolled into small balls in olive oil with any type of herbal seasoning like hot chili or oregano or basil or any combinations. Lasts in refrigerator about 2 weeks.

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