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"From the Chicken Coop"™ Series

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From the Chicken Coop"™ to creativecooking
Creative Cooking

Volume # 2
From the Chicken Coop"™ to antiaginglongevity
Anti-Aging & Longevity

Volume # 3
From the Chicken Coop"™ to outrageousatanyage
Personal Coaching 

Volume # 4
From the Chicken Coop"™ to The lovevirus
Why We Jump from Youthful Purpose...
To Mature Confusion!

Volume # 5
From the Chicken Coop"™ tomillionaire ofcreativity 

Volume # 6
From the Chicken Coop"™ to passionatelycurious
Manifesting your Multiple Intelligences 

Volume # 7
From the Chicken Coop"™ to grievingheroism

Volume # 8
From the Chicken Coop"™ to prosperityintelligence
Prosperity Intelligence

Volume # 9
From the Chicken Coop"™ to To The mansion

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Use this form for better insight into your unique experiences. Enjoy them with an attitude of gratitude! Most likely I've been there too!

It ain’t braggin’ if you’ve done it!

“Living In An Attitude”with Ted Borgeas

Let's start our adventure into the free flowing association of experiences.
Select or place your own unique experiences on the right side.

Give yourself performance credits for your flexibility, resilience and Manifesting Your Multiple Intelligences.

Think of all your experiences? Write them along side mine below.

Yes! This is the real Ted Borgeas
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A CELEBRITY COACH (And a Celebrity Shoe Collector on the David Letterman Show)
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Coaching Creativity Commentary

The difference between being creative and innovative is a little thing called curiosity.  And the winning play is being “Passionately Curious”.  Why?  Creativity and innovation that fit and work together speed up the manifestation of your Multiple Intelligences.  They allow you to maximize your current intelligence with the continued infusion of expansive ideas.  Dr. Ted's “Passionately Curious”, program on Self-Coaching is based on a cross platform of your past experiences.  Your basic life experiences may be utilized in exciting your inherent Multiple Intelligences.

Igniting your Unique Personal Multiple Intelligences Within You!  

·        If you want to look inside yourself for your own resources regarding  transition through life, personal, or business coaching then start Self-Coaching. Especially if something isn’t working for you or your stuck at a point in your life.

·        If your looking in developing your own personal uniqueness by self-coaching, then maybe you should continue on to evaluate the benefits for you.

·        If you want to look back a year from now or years and see yourself igniting your strengths to instill the fun and joy of living, then you owe it to yourself to keep reading on.  


If you don’t want to waste time and find out by reading through a lot of good information  to see if Dr. Ted is the type of person you can have confidence in with your personal growth, then e-mail him now.  for a phone appointment. It doesn’t cost you anything, except paying for a phone call. But please E-mail Ted first for your free 20 minute telephone coaching session appointment. Is it worth it? Only you can tell. Hopefully as so many have over these many years.

Only You Can Make It Happen!

Who’s Piping the Tune in Your Life?

When You Can See Through The Hype! Where Will You Be?

Personal Self-Coaching Yourself

The biggest question you can ask your potential coach, who basically is yourself, is about the level of experiences one has shared.  How long has the coach  been in the coaching business? How many  personal real life experiences has the Coach seasoned. Having this information of expertise from the start will help you save time and money in your coaching process.

Think about your present position and who is piping the tune in your life? Yes, Ted still plays the bagpipes and leads the field. 

Self-Coaching Yourself

How to be your own best
Creative Life Coach?

What changes have taken place in your life in recent years?  While there is greater awareness, quicker communications and a revolution in alternate ways for better health. Confusion and Uncertainty, may still effect our personal environment regarding maintaining, improving our sense of direction. Basic principles of being “Passionately Curious” during any transition regarding  our own self-responsibilities, however never seem to change, which include:

Curiosity, Laughter, Innovation, Love, Intuition, Of course there are others, but these are inexpensive, available and fun. Since you want to be or have the self-responsibility of assuming to be your own Self Life-Coach, let's see what features you may want or need.

1.  Good Coaches set examples, or they should? They laugh, love, exercise, are innovative, nutrition oriented and they don't smoke and have good habits.  Good Coaches are honest with themselves and their families, employers and clients, just as you should be expecting from yourself. But you aren’t expected to know everything, or be perfect.

2.  Good Coaches inform and teach themselves.  Good Coaches learn to maintain their curiosity in living, laugh, invent, and love ways for empowerment and enlightenment, just as you should.

3.  A good Coach is interested in all of you and himself or herself.  They look at the person as a whole person and not just a single entity.  You are the most unique person there is, nobody else is exactly like you.  Celebrate yourself! 

4.  Good Coaches listen and hear what you say and what they say in return. All for enhancing the art of listening. Good Coaches know when to laugh, when to create and how to love. How have you listened to yourself and your body with continuous curiosity? It’s the only body we have.

When You Can See Through The Hype!
Including Your Own?

Business & Executive Self-Coaching Yourself            

A big question you have to  ask yourself is how can you benefit from your previous levels of experiences? That’s why you again have to consider how long any coach has been in the coaching business? Including yourself! Regardless whether it is  Personal, Life, Executive or Self-Coaching; how many personal real life experiences in business has the Coach seasoned? Having this information of expertise from the start will help you save time and money in your coaching process.

Your Intuitive Perception

What is intuitive perception?  Webster defines intuition: "that power of the mind by which it immediately perceives the truth of things without reasoning or analysis". 

He further defines perception: "the mental grasp of objects, qualities, etc. by means of the senses; awareness; comprehension.  The understanding, knowledge, etc. gotten by perceiving, or a specific idea, concept, impression, etc. so formed."

In order for you to comprehend and understand this concept you must look at it as fiction.  Why because it may appear as science fiction, but to the author it has been real all his life and now he feels it's time to share this seemingly fictional concept with you, his readers, audience and clients.

The Concept of Multiple Intelligences

You are the power beyond the hype!  

Complimentary Coaching

In 20 minutes you will know

Respecting your privacy, security and confidentiality and that of all our clients, even before the current cyber-snooping, identity theft, and e-mail annoyances we respectfully will not furnish any names, information or addresses, including e-mail, as references or as testimonials to any entity or to anybody. In 38 years of my business associations, patients and clients we have not given any names to anybody as testimonials. If you are a person of importance not only to your community, the world but mainly to yourself would you want your name given to everybody and just anybody as a referral. I wouldn’t and neither do our clients. Of course personal referrals are always the best and welcomed.

Remember Self-Coaching is not counseling or therapy. If you need professional therapy please consult your Doctor and/or Healthcare Professional with expertise in your field of interest.  is concerned about an individual's perception of their personal life direction and purpose.

My coaching career actually started with Medical Colleagues, Podiatric Patients and Families, and with personal referrals to my present full time commitment.  I’ll be happy to elaborate on the concepts of Self-Coaching as they apply to you. 

Please send me  a brief  e-mail, to make an appointment, by e-mail, for a free 20 minute session, by phone Yes, you will have to pay for the phone call. Is it worth it? Only you can tell. We hope so! As many have found out over the years. But isn’t it better for you to save time and money up front.  Please pardon any delays, his considerable e-mail communications allow a very brief response and some delays. All strictly confidential

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Your investment in Yourself
Coaching Fees

If you chose me, as your personal coach, there is a fee. So out of necessity it behooves each of us to team with the concept of Self-Coaching, to maximize the benefits to you, with the least amount of time and expense. I want you to be concerned about your life and what you want.  

Professional Personal, Life or Business Self-Coaching is mostly one half (1/2) hour, each week for 4-week intervals. These sessions are usually over the telephone or in person. If it is a group or an executive management program then these costs may vary, depending on the time and attendance. If it's by telephone the client pays the phone bill. I’ll be happy to discuss any of these questions by phone or e-mail.

Please make all phone and e-mail appointment reservations by e-mail. All appointments are made by e-mail only.
0ur policy of confidentiality

Phone Coaching. Clients pay for the phone call.

Fees for one individual Coaching by phone: For a 4 week, (˝) one half hour, 30 minute, per session, per week, commitment, $ 285 dollars, Client pays for the phone call.

Fees for one individual Coaching by phone: for (˝) one half hour, 30 minute, session, $ 75 dollars or $ 95 for per hour session. Client pays for the phone call.

E-mail Coaching

E-mail sessions are on a (1) one-hour schedule instead of the one half hour phone sessions and timed, but more flexible. E-mail sessions are unique and exciting but not as personal as a phone call. However, less expensive than a phone call and you save possible travel time, plus the convenience of viewing your correspondence at any time. It is also more convenient for me to answer your questions and communications at a suitable time.

Fees for e-mail Coaching

Fees for one individual Coaching by e-mail: For a 4 week, (1) one hour, 60 minute, total segmental session, per total timed session, per week, commitment, $ 175 dollars

For one individual Coaching by e-mail: for (1) one hour, 60 minute, total segmental session, $ 45 dollars per hour timed session.

All fees are paid two weeks in advance of your session (s) by money order or credit cards. We prefer PayPal for any credit cards. I'm a member of the PayPal Developer Network  Thank you.

With the new technology for both parties, visual and auditory can easily be activated. But each party has to have the technology. I presently use the Dragon Naturally Speaking  System.

As with any activity, coaching is most beneficial for people who are committed, dedicated and serious.  

Do I understand me?
Ask yourself the question, "Reveal to me about myself?"

When you're alone in the privacy of your home or office and relaxed you will find this method is not near as panic inducing as if somebody else were asking the questions. You don't have to think about the answers because you will be the only one reviewing them. Don’t forget you don’t have an intelligence officer peering through a one way mirror, recording your body movements of facial expressions.

You don't have to review in your mind what you are going to write. Just do it! The list at the end of this chapter will give you some guidelines as to questions you want to ask yourself about your experiences.  Often you may not even know what to ask yourself.  You will be surprised how using the following guideline list will remind you of your accomplishments.  When you list your accomplishments it will stimulate your thinking to relate and write incidents which will precipitate stories on how this may have impacted your life. Of course some will be pleasant, exciting and delightful as well as some unpleasant ones.

The nice thing about self-questioning is even if you're shy, there is no audience, except yourself.  Of course Marcus Aurelius in 400 AD made an appropriate statement centuries ago "Most of us live in the cage and if we are lucky, we reach out beyond the bars and touch somebody."  This somebody is that very important person, you!

The intent is for you to promote yourself to yourself, increase your capacity to stimulate your self-understanding.  Don't be afraid to put down the very best attributes and assets of you.  Remember there is only one you, as uniquely as each us are created, there is no other person like you.

Use the following guide to list the first things to come to your mind. if you would ask yourself  "I am  adventurous” now that you are alone take your time and think about all of the good accomplishments you may have performed regardless of their importance.  Think how  “I am a positive person,” “ I am pleasant,”  “I am intelligent,” “I have performed well” and the host of other complimenting remarks about yourself.  The little positives will soon lead you into the labyrinth of your numerous accomplishments.

 Be a show off to yourself!  Try the use of endearing words, look up a list of action words such as, I developed, managed, originated, planned and other comments which will enhance your self-esteem and creativity.

Capitalize on your experiences, from your list, which you have made. Use the list we provided to get started, at the end of this chapter.  Take each experience and relate what you learned from it, how you benefited others, how you could've done it better or another way.  You'll be amazed at the benefits and contribution you have made to yourself, to others and possibly the world.

It is only natural at this point that you may dwell on some of your self exposed weaknesses.  Being a human being you are entitled to have some characteristics which you may not like and need improvement.  The nice thing about communicating to yourself is you can choose to change.  In our rapidly changing world you will soon encourage your own flexibility and adaptability to situations.

It is important for you during this entire process which may take weeks and even months to know and understand the uniqueness within you, to write down your feelings and your bodily non-verbal expressions. You'll note certain feelings are activated, your physical expressions, changes and attitudes of non-verbal communications.  Look in the mirror during these sessions and at first you may be surprised at the visual expressions of yourself.  Only you can tell your face and body how you feel. Try to capture and retain by writing and acting these moments. Attach these attitudes, actions and feelings to yourself, then you can keep them forever. Do keep only the positive ones.

Is it fair to indulge yourself into the dynamic, motivated, intelligent, happy, exciting and other visions that you may have of yourself?  Of course it is! Be kind to yourself. This is what will stimulate your continued progress and growth of yourself. Also think of any loved one who would be cheering you on. If they are not here at that moment in time then imagine how they would enjoy seeing you grow in your self knowledge.

Self-Coaching and Personal, Life, Business

and Executive Coaching

Informed Consent

Person to contact:_____________________________
Phone:_____________________________________________ Fax:_______________________________________________
E-mail address:________________________________

Understanding what coaching is?

It is basically a relationship between a coach and client.  This relationship is based on mutual appreciation, consideration and respect for each other as important individuals.

Coaching is basically teamwork and some refer to it as a partnership.  We all understand the role of a football or basketball coach, but Professional Coaching is not one of the authoritative role as we usual perceive that of sports coaches but rather it is to encourage and empower independence regarding the clients utilization of their own experiences motivation, perseverance and perceptions.

People usually will utilize a coach if they feel they are stuck in a position, whatever age and concern it may be. This state appears to prevent their future growth and they want to change direction.  It is essentially establishing reasonable goals as to what the client has determined he or she wants for their direction at a particular time in life.

Is coaching for everybody?  Does it work for everybody? Of course not!  It's no magic wand but being part of a coaching team in which the coach and the client, can complement each other to implement the quality of life the client perceives for his or herself. Are there temporary setbacks?  Of course there are.  All of us have experienced obstacles and challenges but hopefully with coaching it will help the client develop for themselves the resilience and flexibility to confront them and move on.

Please call or email,, for questions regarding our fees and concepts.  It'll help give you a better insight into the characteristics about our payment and fee schedule.

What coaching is not!

Self-Coaching is not counseling or therapy.  It is concerned about an individual's perception of their personal life-direction and purpose.  The information that the Self-Coacher gleans from their past experiences will have a profound and hopefully beneficial impact on their lives depending on their perception and expectations.

The reason that I have this informed consent is because I had been a Podiatrist for38 years and we would always have an in informed consent regarding treatment and for any surgical procedure.  The better understanding we all have allows for improved relationships. However I still utilize my title of Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, now retired, and devote all my time to coaching, which I love and to other exciting adventures in my life.  You are not a patient, and as we stated coaching is not therapy or counseling.  You are a very special person, who is considered a client.  So please remember I am not and claim no medical, health-care, therapist or counseling expertise or credentials.  Please consult your Doctor and/or Health-Care Professional for advice.


This is the reason we do not use testimonials, out of respect for the privacy and confidentiality of our or clients.  Please refer to our statement to this effect.

Confidentiality and honesty regarding personal and any intellectual property rights and agreements is essential.  Both parties agreeing that all data, personal history and all communications must remain confidential.  No information or materials are to be shared or communicated with any outside source, without prior written permission from both parties.

It is not only assumed but it is a requirement that both parties will be harmonious and cooperative with each other while team working for the objectives of the clients coaching.  It is also mutually understood that being straightforward and honest with each other, will help facilitate coaching with rapid and positive results

We do not have written financial contracts for our coaching projects. I feel the client should not be obligated, even if it is to their benefit, if they chose to withdraw. This informed consent will be sent by e-mail to you for your signature and file, along with the personal brief introductory history form, for my insight, if you decide to utilize Ted Borgeas as your Personal, Life, Business or Executive Coach.  

You may change and modify this informed consent as long as we mutually agree.  But don't forget you have to make it happen in your life! The final responsibility and the rewards are based on your utilizing your past experiences and present decisions.  I wish you, in my opinion, the same, exciting and delightfully adventurous life, which I have been enriched with.  Of course with a few adversities, not chosen, for good measure.

____________________________                     ___________

Signature of Coach                                               Date



___________________________                      ____________

Signature of Client                                                   Date  


Multiple Intelligences as theorized by Howard Gardner in his various books on Multiple Intelligences, have been utilized in stimulating our interpretation and  application to Self-Coaching.  If you are determined on winning you can test drive Ted's applications to determine if his program may help you in your own Self-Coaching.  His concepts are based on his book “Passionately Curious” Manifesting You Multiple Intelligences Through Self-Coaching! Hopefully igniting you to orchestrate your best performance for life change and direction.  


Let us hear about your stories

  Do you have some creative, innovative stories, anecdotes, articles, techniques, programs, concepts for overcoming Grief and Loss; Acts and Thoughts of Heroism and Daring. These stories may be published in the sequel to this book. You or somebody you know can contribute to the well being and comfort of people with similar experiences.  They don’t have to be super sophisticated or highly technical. Just applications people can use daily. Of course we don’t mind the most complicated to the simplest.  We would love to hear from you.

  We will respect any confidentiality you request.  We thank you for expanding in your uniqueness, your mind, your business and most of all empowering your life. Unlocking your creative intelligence is essential because technical expertise is not the only key to growing your creativity. But gaining this wisdom requires effort, focus, imagination and an abundance of personal vision.

We want you to feel we are not just asking for your letters, suggestions, opinions and then ignoring them. The information we share is from folks like you. We read all of your comments, correspondence and promise to respond. We definitely learn from you, which help us decide what material is pertinent to our readers. This of course contributes to our credibility, sincerity and accountability.

For your convenience you may copy this page in responding with any message you wish. Thank you for your interest.  






  All below are optional. We do not give, trade, sell or transfer any of your information or email addresses.

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