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ISBN: 0-9666110-6-3

Library of Congress control number:  98-093810

"From the Chicken Coop"ô to

Anti-Aging & Longevity

This book is not written by some young guru who hasn't really traveled the road to Longevity & Health. It contains the attitudes, directions and formulas by people who are there. From the folks who had fun and excitement along the way.

Anti-Aging...Isn't what you look like 10-20-30 years from now. It's a reflection of what your perception of how you will look and feel! 10-20-30 years from now.

Longevity...Isn't just extending years to your life but expanding and nourishing life into your years.

These thoughts, methods, ideas, theories and dreams on Anti-Aging and Longevity are from people who have proven their work. They have contributed to the health, joy, and comfort of thousands even in the midst of turmoil.


Some of the features you want to have in order to be your own doctor:

1. Good doctors set examples, they exercise, donít smoke, have good habits and nutrition. Good doctors are honest with themselves and their patients. Just as you donít know everything, a doctor too, can be expected to have limitations. Remember to get all the facts and if another opinion or help is needed, get it.

2.      A good doctor informs and teaches his or her patients. You, as a patient, have the right and privilege to have your illness and medication explained. Any information that makes you more knowledgeable should be made available to you.

3.      A good doctor is interested in all of you. You may have a foot problem, that may be related to other parts of the body. For instance, diabetes, circulation, diet, nutrition and exercise, may be interactive.

4.      Good doctors hear what you say for the art of listening is a critical part of any good doctor. By listening, valuable information is conveyed from the patient to the doctor and from the doctor to the patient.

5.      Good doctors think and talk to you about your condition, time and finances.  Your time is valuable, just as their time is. So waiting time is important to the doctor and the patient.  Also, a frank discussion, not only of your condition, but on charges and insurance payments, are very important for better doctor/patient communication.  Donít be afraid to discuss finances.

6.      Good doctors donít over-treat or under-treat. Just remember, in this day of high insurance premiums for both the doctor and patient, along with managed care, HMOís, PPOís and governmental agencies, it may be difficult for the patient to understand why the doctor orders tests, such as x-rays or lab tests which at times appear to be an unnecessary expense. Good doctors try to keep expenses to a minimum by governmental and managed care guidelines for treatment, but they donít want to miss a condition you may have.

7.      Good doctors are sincere and compassionate. They should love themselves and their patients.  As corny as this may sound, it is still one of the best signs of better doctors.


What a change has taken place in health care in recent years!  The cost of medical care has forced everybody to look for alternate ways of saving money.  I feel this is having a confusing effect on the health care environment.  But since you also want to be your own patient, here are some rules which may help:  

1. Take your medicine correctly. It is amazing how many people donít follow instructions. Some take more just for good measure; others feel better and stop before the time is due, often puzzled by the recurrence of symptoms. Remember, a good patient takes medicine as directed.

2. Donít be heroic. Listen to your body. Many people wish to deny they have any illness. Some have illnesses, injuries, fractures, yet want to continue activities which they know they should not be doing.

3. Write down symptoms. It may seem unusual, but donít be afraid to see your doctor with a list of symptoms. However, be sure to limit these symptoms to your specific complaint. Donít rattle on to other topics except what is bothering you.

4. Be considerate of your time and the doctorís. If you come in with two and three members of your family, you may find yourself frustrated in having to wait, especially since only one was expected. It is like inviting one person and instead the whole family comes to dinner.

5. Preventive medicine. Learn how to avoid medical problems which can save you time and money. Study about your illness and medications, ask for all the information available and be informed.

6. Be sincere and honest with yourself, just as you would want a doctor to exhibit empathy, concern, and compassion for you.

7. Love your body as yourself. It is the only one you have and truly a marvelous creation.  

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It appears every few years we have a new buzz word, as related to our health. Many believe these buzz words are designed by creative marketing departments of various food producers.  Letís face it, if one manufactured a particular food product, the intent would be for the public to buy the item. Thus is created a new health buzz word.  The positive side is it does make people aware of health and healthier foods.  Here are some ways patients related they reduced unhealthy fat intake:

        Reduce deep frying foods,  instead roast, broil, grill or steam.

        Water sautť using lemon, orange, or pineapple juice.

        In stews, more vegetables, less meat.

        Use lots of grains such as wheat millet, barley, buckwheat.

        Use more spices freely.  Some use no salt in cooking.

        Try bouillonís as substitutes.

        Make health drinks from fruits, sweeten with juices, honey or maple syrup.

        Top bagels with spreadable fruit jams, fresh fruit or yogurt instead of cream cheese.

        Cook cereals with skim milk, sweeten with honey or maple syrup.

        Use more vegetables as main dishes with beans.  (See vegetable section)

        Use olive oil and different flavored vinegarís to flavor salads instead of processed creamy dressings.  (See section on olive oil and vinegar)

        Cut fatty meats like sausages, salami and bacon.

        Increase salads.  (See section on salads)



        Juices of chicken, turkey and meat can be placed in refrigerator to set fat and be skimmed off.  Many save chicken and turkey fat, they claim it adds great flavor to soups and vegetables.

        Use more rice (all types) (See section on rice)

        Cut down butter intake. Some believe butter is better for you than margarineís prepared with hydrogenated oils.

        Use yogurt instead of sour cream.

        Bake tortillas instead of frying. (See section on tortillas)

        Flavor popcorn with herbs, ground peppers, grated cheese or curry.  To hold flavorings to corn put soy sauce or diluted honey in a small spray bottle (similar to window spray bottle) and spray lightly over popcorn, shake.

        Use more dips with fresh vegetables; all types, cooked or raw. (See section on Dips)

        Eggs are a great food.  Broil, bake or boil.  I donít fry them, I mix with grated or slivered vegetables and herbs to taste. (Donít eat raw eggs).

        Find out other ways to reduce your fat intake!


Do they work?  How do they compare with the new commercial and prescription products?  A lot cheaper!

Only you can tell!  Try them and be the judge.  This applies to females and males.  

While there are a number of books and articles, the subject certainly is not new.  Even Aristophanes stated garlic can cure impotence.  The Aztecs used chocolate, the Karma Sutra used curry, and the list goes on.  Even the tabloids have their favorite foods and recipes for a better sex life. 

Donít use any remedy which is a product of endangered species. Animals such as the rhinoceros horns, or the slaughter of thousands of sharks for a small portion such as a liver or fin should be avoided.  I recall in Shanghai I would ask for the ingredients of the numerous ancient remedies and one merchant replied, ďOh, no, family secret.Ē  On further investigation it did contain some rhinoceros horn.

Certainly the healthier foods are better for your sex life.  Itís that simple, but here are some ideas that may help.  All are available at your local grocer or health food store.


 (Please consult your Doctor and/or health professional)

        Oysters - Long heralded as a leader.  Best raw, so they say!

        Avocados - Rich in vitamin B

        Lean meat, beef - Robust with zinc

        Shrimp & Crab - Contains larginine supposed to sustain a healthy sex appetite

        Any of the B vitamins (long list).  Check your vitamin counter at the pharmacy, supermarket or health food store



        Basil - Fresh basil (bruised), use a spoon to partially crush leaves.  Mix with white wine.  3 tablespoons basil to 1 liter of wine.  (Is it the wine or the basil ?)

        Birdís Nest Soup - Oriental delight for centuries. Made from seaweedís and fish spawn.  Rich in phosphorous, minerals, and vitamins.

        Capsicum - Good old red pepper species.  Probably best taken in gelatin capsules, could irritate skin.

        Kelp - A seaweed rich in vitamins.  May be taken as tablet, dried as in seaweed dishes, or as a powder sprinkled on foods.

        Vegetable Juices - you will need a juicer or juice attachment for your food processor to make these.  Just a few of the juices are considered aphrodisiacs, but because they contain vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids for good health, they aid the sexual tone of the body. Experiment for a variety of taste treats.

        Beet Juice

        Cabbage Juice - fresh, raw cabbage is really nice tasting with loads of nourishment.

        Carrot Juice - has vitamins B & C plus calcium and a host of minerals. Excess carrot juice can turn your skin yellowish, including the white of your eyes, but it is temporary.

        Celery Juice - great mixed with tomato or carrot juice.

        Cucumber Juice - kind of bland tasting by itself but rich in potassium


        Dandelion Leaves - an old favorite for centuries.  Even when you steam or boil dandelion save the juice and flavor with lemon and honey, an old remedy for colds.

        Lemon and/or Orange Juice - readily available.                           Exposure to light may cause it to lose some of its     vitamin C, but great tasting.  A long time favorite in foods, soups and sauces.

Juices can also be made from any of the green vegetables like parsley, beet tops, turnip tops or watercress.  The list is endless !

        Sarsaparilla - from Mexico and Latin America.  This is a  root used for a variety of medicines.  Supposed to restore male sexual vigor. (should be just as good for females)

        Sassafras Tea - an early American Indian tea favorite.

        Sunflower Seeds - great food value.  Even better tasting when toasted.,  popular all American seed food.

        Vanilla Pods - In large amounts the raw pods or the unadulterated extracts of vanilla are supposed to be aphrodisiacs. (most commercial vanillaís are imitation)  Be careful of a type from Mexico derived from a cactus plant that tastes like vanilla but it is reported to be questionable for your health.  

     There may be hundreds of other claimed aphrodisiacs from a multitude of various cultures and ethnic backgrounds.  All may be interesting but please be careful they may be detrimental to your health.  Consult your Doctor and/or Healthcare Professional.


        Vitamin A - Follow prescribed dosages

        Lobster & truffles - Phosphorous rich for added vigor

        Butter - A source of wonderful zinc

        Sucking embryos from fertilized eggs - providing salmonella doesnít get you 1st ! (donít eat any raw eggs)

        Bee Pollen - A great favorite.  Also Royal Jelly

        Aloe Vera - Inexpensive and readily available

        Cheapies - May still be vitamins E and C

        Algae - Africaís Kanenbu people used a particular type for sexual stimulation

        Dried Seaweed - Inexpensive and you can prepare it yourself or buy packaged

        Artichokes - Steam or boil.  Use olive oil and lemon juice as a dip

        Cloves - Powdered.  Sprinkle on food or drops as clove oil

        Ginseng - Capsules 1 - 3 times a day, or 1 cup tea daily

        Damiana - 10 to 30 drops of extract in orange juice

        Jasmine - Delicious tea.  1 cup daily (if you can find the flowers separately, add 1/4 teaspoon for added flavor)

        All Spice - Sprinkle on food

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